My lastest offering is a bit of an experiment. We all know how it feels to have a bucket of something gooey poured all over you (well, at least I do!). But how would it feel if you were of the opposite sex? In celebration of this rather odd quest for knowledge I bring you the following story. Written 1st person our lovely, raven-haired victim describes how she was splattered from head to toe in just about every type of gunge you can imagine. Read and enjoy!

Tip: To localize this story simply replace the UK pound sign with your own currency symbol. Neat huh... ;-)

Gunge And The Single Girl

(f, food, pies, oil, gunge and a charitable spirit)


Hi! I'm Rebecca, but my friends all call me Beckie. I'm 23 years old and work at a bar right in the centre of town. I love my job and certainly find myself very popular with all of the men who call in. Maybe if I describe myself you'll see why! I stand about 5'8" tall, with blue eyes and long, dark curly hair almost down to the small of my back. Because of my height I have fairly long legs and quite a curvy figure. Ever since I was a young teenage girl I have been blessed with a wonderfully large pair of breasts, so I always try squeeze into the tightest of tops!

The reason I am writing this is to tell you about something rather amazing that takes place in the bar every year. Not only being totally crazy at work we love trying to raise money for charity. This is why we always make our best efforts to collect plenty of money in the summer. This event past was a very silly affair, but if I tell you more I'm sure you are just going to love what I got up to. You see, last summer we had a 'Dare Beckie' contest which managed to rake in a small fortune for charity. If you're wondering just what I did please read on...

The basic idea was really just a cheap excuse to repeatedly cover me in lots of different types of goo and gunge. I really did get the lot, but I guess it was all worth it in the end as we raised nearly 5000. What we did was this: I had a list of completely unspeakable 'dares' to perform, most of them involving me getting covered in splodge! The more messy the dare the more money I would raise. For example, if someone chucked a bucket of water over me, this would only count for a few pounds. However, getting white-washed with paint would pay slightly more. In case you're wondering who thought of such non-sense it was all dreamed up by one of the barmen. His wife always complained about his odd little ideas and now I can see why. I certainly hope he doesn't make her do some of the things I did!

As far as clothing goes all of the barmen wanted me to wear a bikini whilst 'doing and daring', but I thought the idea of this sounded far too cold. Instead I went for my usual 'black and tight' look. Here's what I had on: A figure hugging leotard/bodysuit, semi-opaque tights, pleated mini-skirt and a neat pair of suede high heels. With my make-up done nicely and my hair brushed the boys certainly had no cause to complain about how sexy I looked! Unfortunately, by the time the day was over the whole outfit was far beyond ever getting clean again. Keep on reading to find out why...

To start with boys could pay a pound to come up and empty a bucket of cold water all over me. It was freezing cold but I raised 35 just for getting soaked. At the time I had to sit on a chair and keep still as gallons of icey water were slowly poured over my head, shoulders and top. I think my bra-less boobs beneath the soaking leotard were the main attraction. To be quite honest it made my nipples and most of the lads very erect indeed! Some 175 gallons of water later the boys were all done (35, 5 gallon buckets at a pound a go, silly!). I looked like a drowned rat, but all of the barmen couldn't help commenting just how sleek my wet outfit looked.

The next 'dare' was slightly more messy. Four lads had a minute to dispose of 50 lemon merangue pies in order to raise 100 from their sponsor. No, I didn't end up eating them! The pies were destined for my face, hair, clothes etc. Anywhere a pie would fit! As the whistle blew the first pie was pushed square into my face, rapidly followed by another two 'sandwiching' my head. The boys wasted no time and before I could scoop the curd and cream from my eyes they were already busy splattering them all over my outfit. Miraculously, they managed to trash me with all of the pies in just 48 seconds. My tights felt weird and heavy from all of the yellow and white goo slopped down them. One of the cheeky lads had even lifted my skirt and rubbed one all over my bum. This felt quite squelchy between my legs, but nowhere as gooey as I was about to end up.

Still covered from head to foot in lemon merangue someone dared me 150 that I wouldn't climb into a rubber paddling pool full of cream cheese! This, I have to say, seemed a repulsive thought, but filled with charitable spirit I agreed. A 'childrens' paddling pool was wheeled on completely filled to the brim with what looked like cheese spread. Biting my lip I carefully slipped off my pie covered shoe and dipped my stockinged toes into the yellowy mass. It felt quite soft and yielding so I pushed my foot right in. Eugghh! What a strange feeling it was having the cheese oozing between my toes! Off came the other shoe and in went the my other foot. With a huge cheer I finally crawled right in and sat down. I can't even begin to describe how sticky it was, but I was in for a shock! For good measure I lay back in the cheese, pushing my bum, back and then hair right in. The boys were all ecstatic I had been such a good sport, but as I tried to sit up their semi turned-on cooing turned to fits of laughter. I was glued in and couldn't move. The cheese was so thick in texture I had to stretch out my arms and be pulled up. As you can image my pretty, black outfit and hair was now a wash with a thick shiney, film of dairy goo!

After paddling in soft cheese for a while I wondered if anything worse could possibily happen to me. Not so bad this time, but equally as messy. There was this older chap, who looked like a bit of a pervert to me. He said he would give me 5 for ever bucket of coloured goo he was allowed to tip over me. The goo itself looked pretty dreadful, it was either wallpaper paste or porridge mixed with food dye. So with my eyes closed and my teeth clenched I stood hands by my side as bucket after bucket of gunge deluged my body. The first thick sliming was soft, runny and bright orange. God knows what it was! The next was slightly stiffer and a murky purple shade. He certainly knew how to gunge a girl, starting at the top of my head, coating my hair and then swirling it down to thickly cover my shoulders and boobs. However, I did draw the line when he asked to fill my leotard with green porridge...Yuk! Nevertheless, that little mucky escapade raised another 50 (10 whole gallons of goo!).

The next dare almost made me faint with shock. Someone had managed to find an old oil drum. For 200 I was dared to get blindfolded and then made to wriggle into the tub and guess what was inside. Bearing in mind that the drum could have had anything in it, I thought I was quite brave. Once the silk scarf was tied over my eyes, I was carefully lead to a step ladder next to the drum. Rather than carefully dip my feet in first I decide that I would plunge right in! With one almighty leap I slopped my way into the drum. The most unbelieveable thick, greasy, and very squidgy resistance stopped my body falling in too fast. As I stood their squirming around in the gelatinous mess I tried to image just what I was submerged up to my boobs in. It felt rather like stiff jelly, but I wasn't quite sure. Eventually, after a great deal of thought I guessed correctly - it was lard. Yes, lard. How disgusting! They even gave me a booby prize for taking so long to guess. A bucket of liquid soap tipped all over my head! By now I was not a pretty sight. Covered in fat, cheese, paste and curd I looked slightly worse for wear, mainly because of my matted hair. However, they still wanted more and more they got. My outfit was now ruined totally so it didn't matter what they did to me!

Just to prove the point someone had a five litre drum of thick, black used engine oil. They were prepared to pay 75 to tip the lot over me. Stupidly, in the 'heat' of the moment I agreed. Later my boyfriend told me that the stuff is poisonous, so I was lucky not to get sick afterwards. I have to say the oil made a delicious 'glugging' sound as it spilled from the can, coating me in a heavy, 'treacle like' film of oily slop. Now I really was all in black! It was a little ironic that such a dreadful mess actually 'cleaned' me up to a certain extent. All of the cheese, lard, cream and other mess was all washed away by the oil. As you can imagine my leotard and tights were all stuck to my skin. Oh well! Not for long, just wait for the next dare!

Previously I had not allowed my leotard to be filled with gunge. But someone made me an offer I just couldn't turn down. For 300 they wanted to put a funnel down my cleavage and then poor in a whole catering size kilo tin of rice pudding inside my outfit. This was a very odd sensation indeed! The heavy creamed rice rapidly trickled down inside my leotard and collected as a heavy mass around my skirt's waistband. As more and more pudding deluged down inside my poor lycra costume could finally take no more. Lifting my short skirt at the front I watched in awe as my leotard 'burst' at the legs holes and pudding all oozed out down my legs. Very weird indeed! To top things off he finally treated what was left of the creamy desert to a free for all external gunging of my outfit. My leotard, tights and skirt all were doused for fun with the soft, lumpy pudding...

Continued in Part II


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Gunge And The Single Girl - Part II ===================================

Next, my four lads were back begging to try and smash their record of 50 pies in a minute with a new challenge. Covered me with 75 whipped cream and chocolate pudding pies in under a minute. So back to the chair I went and began contemplating just how the boys were proposing to splatter that amount of slop over me in such a short space of time. I have to say I was impressed with their coverage, but only managed 70 pies in the alloted time. After they'd finished I looked very tasty indeed, covered from hair to high heels in sweet pudding! Unfortunately for me, some joker then emptied two whole bags of flour over me. As you can imagine this turned me into a rather horrid pasty, dohey mess as the powder became wet in the whip. I was just dreaming of the time I could take a nice hot shower when another guy perked up, offering vast amounts of cash to have his mucky way.

200 brought this 'punter' the unchallenged right to get me all 'saucy', as he put it. Despite still being plasted in oil, rice pudding, instant whip and flour he wanted me gunged in some rather sickly tomato products. First it was an 'over the head' gunging from a five gallon bucket of tomato soup. Next he vigerously squeezed a whole plastic bottle of ketchup down my front, totally submerging my boobs in runny layers of red gloop. I think he desperately wanted to rub my two large sauce smothered mounds, but I wasn't going to let him! (What type of girl do you think I am!!). Finally it was a gooey 'deluge my leotard and skirt' effort as he swirled a bucket of mixed baked beans and spaghetti all down my costume. Weird, eh!

I suppose you're wondering just what happened to that huge pool of cream cheese, aren't you! Well, after I landed in it quite a bit slopped out of the sides, but there was still quite a bit left to be used up. Enter my next sponsor! I couldn't help noticing that the dares were all starting to get a little bit kinky. Check out the next one! This sponsor was prepared to shell out 150 for me to just walk around! Basically, he was eager to see me trotting around in the tub of cream cheese, wearing my high heeled shoes. (Hmmm!). This I did for a bit, but felt a touch stupid after a while. By the time I'd done a few laps of the pool my shoes were caked with huge clods of soft cheese, making them almost unrecognisable (or down right silly, I'd say!). Finally, however, we got down to the real issue in hand. For his 150 he wanted me to remove the soiled suede stilettos and fill them to the brim and then slip them back on! Squeezy, cheesy and very messy, especially inbetween my toes! What was left of the mashed tub of curds and whey were used to good effect. Six guys picked up the pool and used it as a giant 'pie in the face' (a pie in the body, more like!) as they shoved and mashed the soft creamy cheese all over my face. The rest splattered, oozed and slopped all over my chest and lap. I was was covered in it and didn't care!

After the previous gooey plastering I was given a little time to scrape off some of the thick cream cheese that I was totally smothered in. This took a little while, but I knew it was in good cause! There was a very special dare just about to be put to me. One of the guys wanted to know if I would be alternately 'custard and creamed' several times, all for the bargain price of 500. Certainly a challenge that I wasn't about to turn down for such a large amount of money. Basically, I was made to sit on a rather uncomfortable plastic chair and await my gooey punishment. Slowly, but surely the first builder's bucket of rich dairy custard was carefully poured all over my hair. It was really strange because the stuff was so creamy and thick that it totally engulfed my head in a stiff yellow film. This gently spilled down my body submerging my shoulders and chest in sweet goo. Eventually the torrant of smooth mess dribbled over my tummy and splattered into a puddle on my lap. I was drenched in custard and loved it! I don't think it would have usually felt so nice but they had been kind enough to warm it up for me. But, that's more than I can say for the cream! Before I'd had chance even to wipe the warm, yellow slop from my eyes a painfully cold dribble of fresh double cream began to ooze over my sticky locks. This was also being poured by the bucketload, this time reducing my whole outfit to a yellowly, white swirling mass of glistening desert. This went on and on repeatedly. Just as the cream stop pouring the custard started. The guy who dared me to let him deluge my outfit in the stuff was a little concerned that my bottom half was not getting the gunging it deserved. My leotard and skirt were literaly saturated in the soft, creamy liquid, right through to my skin. However, my tights, although wet from the other 'dares', were relatively clean. He had a solution to this; I was made to stand, shoes and all, in a full bucket of cream. Most of this splashed out of the bucket, but left enough for my submerged high-heels to stay nice and squidgy (Yuk!). What was left visible of my tights was quickly splashed and splattered by another bucket of warm custard, filling the bucket I was standing in and adding to the mess.

By this stage in the evening I was starting to feel just a little bit weary. I had already raised a large amount of money and was feeling very proud of my efforts. However, I was starting to wonder just how I was going to get cleaned up from of the the repulsive mess that covered me. Mind you, if I'd known for a second just what was going to happen to me next, I needn't have bothered! The grand finalle for 1000 was going to involve me testing out a rather special invention. "The Mud Booth"...

This was a rather odd glass sided box with a huge tank suspended above it, but I could quite guess from the name exactly what was going to end up all over me. Reluctantly I slicked back my pudding covered hair and bravely made for the booth. For this experience I was going to have to stand, as there was no chair. Just as I wrigged myself into positon I caught a glimpse of my gunge-smothered body in one of the bar's long mirrors. What a terrible mess! I quite had liked what I was wearing, but now it was all going to have to be thrown away, especially after they released the tank of mud all over me. It was so very teasy! They hung on for ages making me think that I was about to be deluged in the mud, it was all so cruel! Finally, down it poured. With a whoosh the smooth liquid mud began to slowly dribble and ooze it's way over me, covering every inch of my body. The gooey, brown slop was just like rich china clay; all glossy and creamy. The sponsors now had exactly what they desired; a young lady, clad in a leotard and tights totally deluged in soft liquid gunge. Eventually, after trying to catch my breath I decide to step forward form the booth and treat the crowd to the look of my bearly recognisable form. It was such a strange feeling being totally smothered in liquid mud as every move I made resulted in a glorious squelching noise. One guy said I looked just like a melted chocolate bar, but with boobs! I'll take that as a kind of compliment!

After that point it was decided that there was very little else they could smear all over me. I was very, very tired and it was begining to show, as I looked decidely uncomfortable (well, wouldn't you with such sodden clothes?). This time, totally for free, I stood in and empty rubber pool and let three of the guys hose me down with some lovely warm, clean water. I enjoyed this very much as a matter of relief, however, the two young chaps seemed delighted that they were actually soaking a young lady wearing just tight, lycra gear. The water eventually soothed away all of the gunge leaving my leotard, skirt, tights and shoes wet and glistening under the bright lights.

What a lovely mess...

Oliver... (shokolada@chocmess.com)


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